What is CBD and How Does It Affect You

CBD appears to be on everyone’s mind lately. Over the last 10 years, CBD has risen to popularity in the media so much so, that a person can’t read, listen or watch any form of news broadcast without hearing about it. Its phenomenal claim to fame recently is that CBD can help just about any human ailment out there. Thousands upon thousands of anecdotal testimonials seem to have proven in everyone’s mind that it quite plainly, “works”!



Yet there are no conclusive North American clinical studies to prove it. Any “evidence” has been anecdotal because our governments in the US and Canada until very, very recently have prohibited scientists from legally studying it! Across the Atlantic ocean to the east and south of North America, there are governments in some countries that are not as repressive in the study of medical science as our own.



In Spain, Brazil, Cuba and especially Israel, scientists HAVE proven CBD’s remarkable effectiveness at treating, reversing and even curing many diseases in thousands of clinical studies!



So far however, the FDA and DEA are still resistant to acknowledging foreign clinical studies…


So what is CBD really all about, and how is it positively affecting the health of millions of people around the world?


CBD is a natural bio-chemical substance derived from the flowers of Hemp and Marijuana cannabis plants.


The letters, C, B, D, combined together as “CBD” are an abbreviation of the word, CannaBiDiol.


The reason our governments have outlawed CBD for so long, is that cannabidiol occurs naturally in cannabis flowers with another famous cannabinoid, THC.


The cannabinoid THC is an abbreviation for an even more difficult to pronounce bio-chemical term, delta 9-TetraHydroCannabinol. There are over 113 cannabinoids that have been discovered so far in cannabis plants.



Strains of marijuana plants have been breed by underground growers over the last 70 years for the single purpose of creating stronger THC percentage contents. Stronger THC percentage content produces more relaxing and/or powerful, energizing, inspiring psychoactive effects enjoyed by users.



CBD however, has always been present as well in varying ratios. Beginning in the early 1960’s and now in the 21st century, there have been some marijuana strains grown specifically for their comparatively high CBD to THC ratios where CBD is the dominant cannabinoid. The most famous of these strains is, “Charlotte’s Web”. These strains became known as “Medical Marijuana” even before they were actually first legalized in California in 1994.



Hemp is one of the first agriculture crops to be cultivated in human society, going back thousands of years. Hemp has been grown primarily for its medicinal properties, resilient fibre to produce rope, sails, and textiles for clothing just to name a few. Hemp flowers are much smaller than marijuana flowers and have much smaller CBD to THC content ratios,


In hemp, THC is almost non-existent, coming in at just a 0.3% THC rating. This is why the American Farm Bill that was passed in 2018 legalized the growing of hemp and the production of hemp-based products—specifically because of its minuscule THC content.



Now lets take a closer look at CBD to see what it actually is and how it effects the human body and the physiology of all of our animal friends as well. CBD was actually discovered in 1940 and then re-isolated in 1963 by Dr. Rafael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University of Israel. By 1992, Dr. Mechoulam discovered the Endo-Cannabinoid system.


What is so remarkable about the Endo-Cannabinoid system is that it exists in humans and all other mammals as well as birds, reptiles and fish. As a result of the foreign studies done on it, all the clinical evidence suggests that our bodies seemed to have been especially “designed” for CBD!



Without veering off into a religious or philosophical discussion, let’s just say that humans, including most animals evolved their own Endo-Cannabinoid systems. This is still however nothing short of remarkable, because the Endo-Cannabinoid system itself in any species, consists of hundreds of thousands CBD receptors!



It’s like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together perfectly…



What CBD receptors do, is absorb and bind with CBD. After absorption, CBD goes to work cascading throughout our entire bodies seeking out sickness and disease. This is because every cell in our bodies is loaded with CBD receptors!



Our bodies were designed to detect when the balance in each of our main physiological operating systems has gone “haywire” and has slipped into a state of imbalance. These imbalances are actually the source of all sickness and disease. And the source of any imbalances in our health always comes down to only 4 basic things: microbial infection, external injury, toxins and inflammation.



There are 4 main systems in our mammalian bodies:


1. The Immune System,


2. The Nervous System,


3. The Oxidation System and,


4. Endocrine System.



In the Immune System of our physiology, are the opposing forces of Inflammation and Anti-inflammation. When these two forces are in balance, the Immune System is healthy and functioning properly. While inflammation can be a good thing, fighting toxins, infection, healing cuts and sprains for example, too much inflammation has now been identified as the true source of pain and the majority of illnesses including cancer.



A major change in diet and extra CBD dosages have been clinically proven in Spain for example, to slow or even reverse cancerous tumors. CBD has been proven in clinical studies in Brazil to be several times more powerful then opiates for completely relieving pain and anxiety—without the debilitating side effects of intoxication and addiction.


The name our medical establishment has given to the sacred balance of health in our bodies is, “Homeostasis”. Over 4 thousand years ago, Chinese culture called the balance of life, “Yin & Yang”. They still do to this day.



When we look closer at our Nervous System, we see the opposite forces of Relaxation (Gaba) and Excitation (Glutamate). When the balance of this system gets funky and off set, we can become too relaxed. Many people arise from sleep groggy and just can’t seem to wake up mornings for example, even when they’ve had 8hrs of great sleep. Or, thousands of children in the US in the other extreme, are too “wound up” and get labelled “ADHD” or “Hyper”. Anxiety, which many modern day humans suffer from, is also due to the over-excitement of the nervous system. Miraculously, without any scientific pharmaceutical intervention, CBD can speed you up if that’s what your body needs, or calm you down—all without any side effects. And you’ll find no warnings on CBD packaging that, “It, may impair your ability to operate machinery”!


The third system that can be positively effected by CBD is the Endocrine System which produces our hormones. When the Endocrine System is healthy, the forces of Catabolic Tissue Breakdown (muscle wasting) are balanced with the forces Anabolic Tissue Build-up (muscular development).


For example, many men are now suffering from super low testosterone levels and are over weight because, day after day, they consume too much sugars in bread, pasta, pastry etc. Their hormones go out of wack. Instead of developing high levels the male “power” hormone, testosterone, they produce exaggerated levels of the female hormone, estrogen and they get, “Man Boobs” and eventually, they just can’t seem to, “get it up” any more. Testosterone is a hormone and due to North America’s fixation with the over-eating of sugars, breads, pastries candy and processed foods, men in this continent are feminizing themselves at an alarming rate to the point where testicles are deteriorating, sperm counts are plummeting and many men find themselves self-castrated from poor food choices and over-eating habits.

Likewise, insulin is a hormone which our pancreas secretes to regulate the sugar in our blood. Type II Diabetes is caused by eating too many sugars as well. It’s now commonly known as, “The Disease of Diet”. The more sugar we eat, the more insulin gets pumped into our system so that our cells can use that sugar energy. But over time, when our cells get too much sugar, and therefore, too much insulin, our cells can’t take it anymore and become insulin resistant.



A major change in diet, shifting from sugary, processed foods to natural whole foods, combined with high doses of CBD have been shown to reverse insulin resistance and therefore reverse Type II Diabetes in new studies from Great Britain.



In the Oxidation System, we have the opposing forces of oxidation and anti-oxidation. People who smoke tobacco and drink alcohol heavily suffer from extreme oxidation at the cellular level, especially in the brain cells and are known to age early, becoming tired, run down, wrinkly with greying hair…or develop accelerated hair loss, just in their 30’s. (Ironically, marijuana smoking has no proven negative health effects!) Oxidation in brain cells is proven to cause Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. CBD combined with halting tobacco and hard liquor consumption, with increased whole food consumption, has also been proven to reduce and even reverse Alzheimer’s in clinical studies conducted at the University of Havana in Cuba.


 As has become plainly evident now in too many foreign studies at universities around the world, (that American and Canadian governments can no longer ignore or suppress), CBD effectively treats sickness and disease because it works at the cellular level on the SOURCES and true cause of illness instead of simply (and ineffectively) treating symptoms the way patented pharmaceutical “drugs” do.


 Ironically, if you Google the definition of a drug you get: “A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.”


This definition would therefore include CBD as a drug.


However, since most people who know anything about health realize, the true definition of a “drug” is an exorbitantly expensive concoction of synthetic chemicals that are patented by pharmaceutical companies to treat illness while in most cases, patented synthetic chemical drugs only make matters worse!

Much of the reason CBD has been suppressed by our governments for so long is two fold: because the pharmaceutical industry has had a strangle hold on the government for over a century and because pharmaceuticals can be taxed, they have been flooding government coffers with riches for the same amount of time.



CBD on the other hand is a natural plant-based compound, does not require a patent and it really works!

January 10, 2020 — Eli Elias