Relief Starts With Rick's

We get asked a lot ," why does Rick's CBD work better than any other CBD Product I've Tried?" 

It's simple really...

Our Products are made using rare phytocannabinoid rich full spectrum CBD Oil. Ricks' products are instantly felt when consumed because our oil contains a robust and complete cannabinoid profile. 

We are careful to create products only using winterized and ethanol extracted oils, rich in cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBL, CBC, CBN and CBG and THC. 

Simply put, it's better because it actually. works. 

Rick Happens To Be A Pretty Famous Chemist

Formulated by chemists and engineered by scientists from the pharmaceutical industries, we've created the next generation of natural Full Spectrum CBD products. We've dug back into the roots of pharmacology to create the perfect CBD product, made just for you.  

It's All About Taste And Smell

It's no secret that we go above and beyond to create our flavor and scent profiles. All of our tinctures are deliciously sweet, heavily masking the earthy natural tones of pure RHO oil. We offer both natural and organic flavors to please even the pickiest of taste buds. 

We dare you to resist the alluring and luxurious scents of our skincare line. Each scent will bring you back to a relaxing moment in your life, each and every time. We blend the finest oils from around the world to create each long lasting and impressionable scent. 

For those of us who will always be young at heart, our CBD Vitamin Gummies will work their way into your wellness routine. Both vegan and organic, our Full Spectrum CBD Vitamin Gummies are guaranteed to put a bright smile on your face. 

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We Love To Write About CBD

What is CBD and How Does It Affect You

What is CBD and How Does It Affect You

CBD appears to be on everyone’s mind lately. Over the last 10 years, CBD has risen to popularity in the media so much so, that a person can’t read, listen or watch any form of news broadcast without hearing about it. 
January 10, 2020