If you use cannabidiol (CBD) oil as part of your everyday routine, then you’ve probably wondered to yourself at some point, “How long does this stuff last?”

Great question!

While CBD oil has wide-ranging benefits and many incredible properties, it can only last so long before it goes bad, just like all other natural products.

A few different factors come into play when it comes to a CBD-oil product’s expiration date: how the product was formulated, how it’s packaged, and how it’s being stored.


How a CBD-oil product is packaged plays a significant role in its longevity. Too much exposure to light can degrade the CBD quicker, which is why many products on the market are already designed to keep out as much light as possible. 

To ensure you don’t spoil your CBD hemp oil, it’s best to store it somewhere dark, cold, and dry. 

Avoid storing your CBD hemp oil in places like your bathroom, by your bedroom window, or anywhere that experiences frequent changes in temperature and, instead, try to keep it in your fridge.

Keeping your CBD hemp oil in the fridge works perfectly since it’s cool and is mostly dark except for the handful of times you open it. Just as a heads up, do not store in the freezer since the temperature is just a bit too cold.

On top of making sure your CBD oil is stored out away from light and in cooler temperatures, it’s also important to properly tighten and secure the cap or lid after every use because exposure to air can also breakdown CBD. 

Just remember, store your CBD hemp oil in your refrigerator and always ensure the bottle is secured airtight after each use!


Like most products, the CBD oil you are using should always have an expiration date, which is usually good for one to two years.

Besides using the expiration date as an indicator, it’s recommended to give your CBD oil a little whiff every now and then. If it’s gone bad, we guarantee you will know it. Once CBD has gone bad, the smell will be so foul that it’d pretty hard not to notice it. 


From here on out, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to take care of your CBD oil to maximize its longevity, but if you’d like to dive deeper, check out this study from 2016 that looked into quality control for cannabis tincture products.

Always store your CBD oil out of light, in cool temperatures, and preferably in the fridge, and always make sure to seal the cap as tight as possible. 

Do the above, and you’ll be good to go!

November 19, 2020 — Eli Elias

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